With there being so many home care agencies, we want to make sure we are transparent with what we offer and want you to be satisfied when you choose us as you or your family's loved one's provider in in-home health care services.




1. Same-Day Visits


If getting a helping hand the same day is important to you, we put in the effort to accommodate Same-Day Visits. Our representatives and caregivers are professionally trained to get you the in-home care you are looking for, whenever you need it.  


2. Bonded & Insured Employees


Stress-Free Care is what we strive for. With our monetary investment into our employees workers compensation, general liability, transportation, and professional liability, knowing that all of our employees are properly insured means the wellbeing and safety of you and your loved ones is protected so you can worry less and live more.  


3. Multilingual Employees


We live in a time where all of us have diverse backgrounds. Creating a team at Managed Homecare that is diverse to fit your background to make you comfortable is important. Professional representatives and caregivers are here to suit your individually diverse expectations to make sure nobody is restricted to in-home care services. 


4. Budget In-Home Care


For many people, a deciding factor in receiving in-home care services is cost. However, 3 out of 4 adults over 50 say that they would prefer to stay in their homes and communities. You should expect care at home and be able to convey what type of care you're looking for. Our FREE In-Home or Virtual Consultation allows you to customize a care plan that fits your budget. Don't settle for anything less.


5. Prompt Communication & In-Home Visits


Understanding the importance of everyone in our Managed Homecare community, we expect our team to have prompt communications and visits to make sure you are receiving the compassion and care you deserve. Your satisfaction is more than just about our home care services - we are a team of professionals helping the community.



 Looking for in-home care? 

Visit our website https://www.managedhomecare.net for more information and call our 24/7 line 860-261-2561 to tell us your needs.