While the home care industry is growing, many still don't know that there is an option to receive care from the comfort of their home.


Ask yourself this question, "Where would I want to live when I'm a senior?" What many individuals are prone to saying is a nursing home. What is ironic is while many people, including today's seniors, would rather live at home, some don't know that it is possible to stay at home. That's is what is called "home care" in which supportive care is provided by a professional caregiver in an individual's home where the patient or client is living.


Being able to receive care from the comfort of your own home is most ideal for any senior. Being accustomed to the place you've been living, having to move away at such a critical part in one's life is stressful and can cause mental and psychological challenges. For those seniors that have to deal with Alzheimer's or Dementia, staying in a familiar atmosphere gives them more peace of mind.


While for all of us our age will catch up to us, living at home has been made possible now thanks to the close to 40 million caregivers nationwide. These individuals are trained to provide quality care to our seniors as well as the disabled and ill groups across the country. With their work and the increasing demand for in-home care, caregivers are expected to become a growing community in the next few decades.


In recent times, home care has become a more favorable option. Especially during a time like now, COVID-19, staying at home and keeping seniors healthy has been emphasized. Some, however, feel as though such services breaks the bank. However before you click away, you should always do some research before making any final decisions.


The cost of home care depends on many factors such as location, type of care, services, and method of payment. Certified agencies are licensed to provide various services for those looking for in-home care.

In the state of Connecticut, the average hourly rate for basic services (light housekeeping, companionship, meal prepping, etc.) is $20/hour. For seniors looking for more active care, Aides are hired that can assist with bathing, showering, eating, toileting, among other things. These services in Connecticut average at $26/hour.


Even if you now understand what home care is, you still need to know who to go to. There are over 11,000 agencies in the U.S. so how do you find the one? At Managed Homecare, all of our seniors enjoy the customer service and professionalism that is brought to the table. We are quick to solve any issues and make sure our senior family is getting the care they deserve.


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