In the state of Connecticut, the Adult Family Living (AFL) program provides financing for families that have seniors living in their home.



As time goes on, more and more Americans have realized that nursing homes and various other facilities aren't the only option when it comes to helping seniors find care. Home care has become a popular alternative as it provides one on one care between the senior and their caregiver while offering compassionate and deserving options for seniors.

COVID-19 has caused a big shift in where seniors are living. Some families have decided to take their elderly parents into their home to keep a better eye on them to make sure they are safe. With this, there are opportunities in Connecticut where these families can get paid, tax-free stipend, for taking care of their parents that reside in their home. The family caregiver can receive up to $2,051.27/month. 
Wait, is this too good to be true? Not at all! The Adult Family Living Program welcomes everyone to join this opportunity.


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